Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Mother taught me…


There are many things my mother taught me but one thing that really stuck with m is:

Only touch something you do once if you can help it. An example of that is getting undressed at night. If you plan on wearing the same thing tomorrow, hang it up or fold it at once. Don’t put it down first because you just have to handle it twice, using time and energy. I don’t always follow that advice but most of the time I do.

I was thinking of that when I was doing dishes today, still by hand. I never put down a dish after drying it except for it’s proper resting place J

Another thing drilled into my mind when I was young…Always wear an apron when you work in the kitchen. I still do that and feel almost naked when I don’t have my apron on.

So much we learn as children gets carried on into adulthood.

Be polite, say hello to the people you meet and try to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Sometimes all of that is hard to follow but as long as we do our best things should be OK.

Those were just a few thoughts I had while doing dishes Smile


The Odd Essay said...

Maybe your Mother and mine were related.... I sure learned a lot from my own Mom... everything from how to manage money to how to prioritize my time... and so very much else. I just wish my mom were still around so we could talk about all the things I've already forgotten....

Gypsy said...

Your Mom gave you wonderful advice. I have to chuckle about the apron. My Mom couldn't ever get me to wear one, but now when I'm using my juicing machine I definitely need an apron. You can't see the tiny bits of vegetables, especially carrots, until you find them on your clothes!

Janna and Mike said...

What a cool blog Vera! My mind is always going in 10 different directions and sometimes I stop myself to say, "finish what you are doing--put the dishes away as you dry them, etc!" I wish the guy who works as the campground manager at North Ranch had been taught by my mother--his mother dropped the ball when it came to teaching him to smile, be polite to people, etc!!