Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Mother taught me…


There are many things my mother taught me but one thing that really stuck with m is:

Only touch something you do once if you can help it. An example of that is getting undressed at night. If you plan on wearing the same thing tomorrow, hang it up or fold it at once. Don’t put it down first because you just have to handle it twice, using time and energy. I don’t always follow that advice but most of the time I do.

I was thinking of that when I was doing dishes today, still by hand. I never put down a dish after drying it except for it’s proper resting place J

Another thing drilled into my mind when I was young…Always wear an apron when you work in the kitchen. I still do that and feel almost naked when I don’t have my apron on.

So much we learn as children gets carried on into adulthood.

Be polite, say hello to the people you meet and try to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Sometimes all of that is hard to follow but as long as we do our best things should be OK.

Those were just a few thoughts I had while doing dishes Smile

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Last one today!

Still snowing a bit, but nice and warm by the fireplace.


Still fooling around

On a message board I found a work around for OLW. It seemed that even if OLW seemed to work for one post, the second one would NOT work again.
This is it:

Open up Open Live Writer Blog Settings & enter your Google/Gmail password (I used my Blogger password which is different)

(File >> Options >> Accounts >> Select 'Blog" >> Edit >> Update Account Information)
You will find the Password Box is empty (though user name with be a GUID)
Fill in the password (Google/Gmail) >> Next >> complete the update.

Now I hope it stays working. We’ll see.

2 This…


First Snow

Trying out Open Live Writer again. I read that lots of people are having trouble using it. I did too for quite awhile but then last night it worked. Now I am wondering if it works again.
Here is the picture I just took. It looks very pretty but….. I don’t like driving in it, so now I am stranded

It did not work, so I used Blogger but I sure don't like it. Maybe in a year or so Open Live Writer have ironed out their problems. ;-)  I am just glad that I am not a prolific Blogger, otherwise I would be royally ticked off. (notice that I did not use a bad word? Was pretty hard not to though.)
Enjoy the season.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Open Live Writer

I am wondering if it finally works.
It is cold at night here but it was a nice and sunny day. Tomorrow is a different story.

I would like a nibble Smile

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Everything is working normally. I even started to have a closer look at the Edge browser and there are a few things that I like a lot. Might switch later on.
All is well and even the sun shines. Bonus.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Windows 10 Update

I installed the update yesterday and have had lots of problems. Half of my programs, some free some paid for, would not load. I solved some of the problems with the help of the program's service department but still others are not resolved. I really like using a computer but it can be very frustrating at times.
I hope that Microsoft will iron out the update soon.