Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Disappointment? Maybe not!!

The last of the sheet sets I ordered came yesterday. Cliff picked it up in Mill Bay. It looked really nice and I washed it right away since I wanted to use it soon. When I started to fold it up I saw that it was flawed. A large hole!! That was unacceptable so this morning I took it back. The girl at the counter was not sure if she could take it back since I washed it already but she called Sears and got a green light. Good for Sears because I would have avoided them like the plague had they not complied and made sure that everybody had known about it too.
Now comes the “maybe not” part… In the meantime I looked at the new catalogue and saw microfiber duvet covers. That is something I had been thinking of since I like the microfiber sheets so much and since Cliff does not use the flat sheets of any set I was happy to order a duvet cover instead of the sheet set. Now he can be just as cozy as I have been.
As long as there are no flaws with the duvet cover I will be a happy camper.
So this is the saga of the new bedding Smile
We are having a beautiful day. The sun has been out all day and the temperature has not been bad.

Good bye everybody ☺


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