Saturday, September 5, 2015

Big Pepper surprise

This green pepper was hiding at the bottom of the plant. I found it today. It weighs 414 grams which is almost a pound.
Our garden was particularly great this year. I just finished canning 36 quart jars of pear juice.
Earlier I canned 21 pints tomato sauce and I even forget how many quarts of tomato juice. Lots of tomatoes still on the plants. Hope the late blight does not get them.
I also tried to make a bit of plum-pear chutney but not sure if I like that.
Already there are several buckets of prune plums waiting for me in our cold room. Not sure how to process those.
Later on we have to pick all the apples. Lots of those this year too but luckily they are really good keepers, so no canning for those.
Tomato Vorlon

These are the best tasting tomatoes we have ever grown. They are a heritage variety and I am keeping seeds for the next years. Tomato seeds stay viable for many years.
I have been very busy Smile 
Good buy for now.

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Janna and Mike said...

That was one of my best birthday presents--a friend brought me four large fresh tomatoes, one of them the heirloom variety--it was so good!

Judith Bell said...

Those tomatoes are making me drool! :)

Gypsy said...

Keep those precious tomato seeds going! I can't eat regular tomatos anymore - don't know if it's the acid in them or the manner in which they are propagated and grown, the but heritage, or heirloom, are the good old-fashioned tomatos I remember from childhood.