Saturday, October 3, 2009

Harvesting some of our crops

We had another beautiful day. I took advantage of that and harvested most of our squash. They did not turn out very well this year. I can see some lesions on a lot of them and some were eaten into. Hopefully they will not go bad quickly because of that. Last years squash lasted until nearly June to the point where I was getting sick of eating them. I also pulled all the basil and cucumber vines. Tomorrow I will get the rest of the squash and Cliff will grind down the squash vines. That will be good for the compost.


Our apples are almost ready too. We have been eating some already but they are still a little sour. We bought this tree many years ago as an early apple. When we got our first apples it turned out that it is a late apple and we don’t really know what it is. We think it is an Ellisons Orange Apple, one of Cox Orange Pippin parentage. Last year we thought we bought broccoli plants but ended up with Brussels Sprouts. So you can never really know what you get :-) Somebody might get a kick out of mixing up the tags at the nursery. In the case of the apple tree we are very happy with that mix-up because the apples taste great and are good keepers. I might start the plants myself next year. I have done that before but since we don’t have a greenhouse they get very leggy just on the window sill so I am not sure yet.


This morning I cut up lots of tomatoes and ran them through the food processor. I ended up with 6 tubs of tomatoes for the freezer each making excellent tomato soup in the winter.

Now I shall sit down, listen to my audio book “Firewall” by Henning Mankell and knit some on my slippers that I have started a year ago.

Good night :-)

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Nicki said...

This is great! If I'm wondering how you are all I have to do is log online. Sure will cut down on the phone calls. LOL