Friday, July 16, 2010

Hungry brood

A warm welcome to Mary Ann and William who are newly following my Blog. Glad to have you aboard.

I have been watching the nest and when I did not see either parent I took some pictures



Boy, they look  hungry !! I could only see the two wide open mouths and hope the third baby is hunkering down in the nest. It looks like the eyes are now open. They are starting to look more like birds than a few days ago.
In the meantime my flowers are suffering but it will not take long now before the youngsters fledge and then I can look after the flowers a lot better.

This morning I made a quick run to Mill Bay. I had to do a bit of shopping and I almost parked the car right ☺ I came back just in time to make curried chicken thighs for lunch. Cliff and I love this kind of meal. Instead of rice I used potatoes. It seems as soon as we have our own potatoes rice and noodles are off the menu. In the afternoon I spent a bit of time helping Cliff pile some of the dry wood in the wood shed. It will be awhile before that is full.

Good night everybody ☺

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