Monday, July 12, 2010

Two down one to go

Yesterday was a false alarm, thank goodness. Number one is alive and the second one hatched and one egg to go.


and they are ready to be fed, mouths wide open ☺

We had quite the wind last night and this morning. It turned the hook that holds the basket with the nest, we now call it the bird-basket, half way around which does not let me look into the nest from behind the window. I tried to sneak up to it but Momma saw me and flew away, so I will wait until I know that she is gone and then Cliff will try to turn the basket back to where it was before. So far I have only disturbed her twice the whole time and it does not really seem to bother her but I just don't like to do it.
I see Momma fly off the nest directly past the balcony to somewhere below but when she comes back she lands on the railing and goes back and forth quite a few times before she flies up to the nest. I have seen her with something in her mouth but am not sure what it was.
I hope I will see number three tomorrow morning.
It is still a bit windy but the temperature was more to my liking. This coming week it looks perfect for my taste too.
I did some laundry and the sheets dried in record time but some were tangled around the line but I still like them better drying outside than in the dryer.
I am thankful for the dryer though. My girls were already 7 and 9 years old before we got the first dryer. In those days it was always quite a chore to get everything dry in rainy weather. I am glad those days are gone.
As a postscript to yesterday's Blog I have to say that the creek where I took the pictures gets deep enough to swim and snorkel  in spots. Cliff saw lots of fish and wished he had his fishing pole.
With that I'll say
good night everybody ☺


Gypsy said...

I'm so glad you now have two babies. The 3rd one shouldn't be far behind.

Janna and Mike said...

Tell us about Indonesia Vera.