Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dreary Day

We had one moment of sunshine the last few days but I am not complaining. We really need the rain.
I decided to wait until today to do laundry but it still rains so I had to use the dryer. I guess from now on I have to get used to it.
Last week we got word that our granddaughter got engaged. What a lovely time for her. We wish her and her husband-to-be all the best.
When we went shopping last Sunday at Home Depot I saw a pallet with a big sign “6-pack of solar lights $ 2.00 each” but unfortunately they were all gone. I really wish I had been there earlier. Our neighbor has Solar Lights along all edges of her circular driveway. It looks so neat at night.
On Sunday night we came home and our 4 lights in the flower baskets were shining brightly. I would have loved to take a picture but I know it would not have been great so I decided not to.
I remember that my Mother used to make a wine soup with little egg-white-balls. I really liked that when I was a kid. Since I have 2 bottles of white wine in the fridge that have been there for ages I googled for a recipe. I found quite a few and they look like they might be what I remember. I have not made it yet but will in the future.
That’s it for today.
Good bye everybody



Gypsy said...

Anything with wine sounds good to me!

Too bad the solar lights were gone - keep watching though, they may get more in, and $2 each is a good deal.

Freely Living Life said...

Congratulations to your Granddaughter getting engaged! We wish her all the best as well! =)

Hope you were able to find a good recipe to use your white wine in! Let us know what you find! =)

What a bummer on the solar lights. You'll find something else along the way!

Thanks for the update!