Saturday, October 9, 2010

Going shopping

As usual yesterday, Friday, the new sales flyers come out with the local papers. First one I always look at is Canadian tire, then Future Shop, London Drugs and lastly the food flyers. Staples has their flyers in Wednesday papers so that is another one I scrutinize.
Canadian Tire had a door crasher sale on. One item I just HAD TO HAVE was an electronic kitchen scale. It was 65% off and the cost was 9.99. Since it was a door crasher and no rain check offered we decided to what we have not done before: get to the store at opening time. Since Canadian Tire opens at 8 AM we had to leave the house around 7.30 AM, pretty early for a Saturday.
We got to the store ready to elbow everybody out of our way to get to the prize. 5 Minutes early and nobody but us in the parking lot!!! So much for crashing down the door. It did not take me long to find the scale


When we got home I unpacked it and for a change read the instructions. It has a neat feature. I can place a bowl on the scale and it weighs the bowl and then I press a button and the scale goes back to 0 ready to weigh only the contents of the bowl. It can be set to grams, kg and oz. The trip to town was worth it. I bought a few other things too. Going this early has the added benefit of roads that are not crowded, so that is good.
For lunch I made a meatloaf with potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, lettuce, cucumber and tomato.
It rained last night but so far no rain today.
That’s all for today,

Good bye everybody ☺



Rick and Paulette said...

You read the same sales flyers I do, Vera. It sure rained hard this afternoon to make up for yesterday.

Judy and Emma said...

Your lunch sounds delicious. Wish I had the ambition to do some good cooking. Cooking for one gets to be a drag. :(

Anonymous said...


We bought the same type of scale about 12 yrs ago and it has Just given up, Flat Battery.(only sold in Packs) It is cheaper to get new scales. Enjoy !

Fred and Wilma said...

Good times for Vera! New stove now a new scale. Here's wishing you many years of use with your new appliances.