Friday, October 22, 2010


A long long time ago we had one timer, now in our “Old Age” we need three. I was thinking about that today when I timed a pork steak with potatoes, carrots and onions smothered in mushroom sauce that was in the oven. Of course I could not use the oven timer (number one) with this new oven so I used the second timer. Then Cliff added wood to the fireplace so we needed the third timer to tell us when to turn the insert down. Actually there is another timer in the family room but that one is not working too well any longer.
If we don’t use timers we forget the time and end up with burnt offerings.
Now an update on the new stove. I really like baking in it. I found out that the oven is a bit bigger than the old one even though the overall dimensions are the same. I like that because sometimes my bread would stick together since I always bake 6 loaves at the same time.
One thing I don’t like about it is that the top of the stove gets really, really hot just from using the top burners. I had a bit of a spill and by the time I was finished cooking the spilled food was baked on and it took lots of elbow grease and a scrubby to clean it up again.
I find that the burners are a lot hotter and faster than my old stove. I wonder if they have more kw than the old stove or maybe old age affected the latter. It is a bit of a learning curve but I like it. A kettle of water boils in no time.

That is all for now.
Good bye everybody ☺

Baking potatoes


Sandra said...

Use a Vileda scrunge to get the burnt stuff off your stove. I find it works wonders!

Judy and Emma said...

Aw, Vera, I'm just drooling over your header! And fresh baked bread?? Can I move in with you? :)

Gypsy said...

In the past I have bought new elements for an electric range, when they get old and don't heat properly. It is hard to believe how quickly a new one heats up, so your new stove is operating normally in my opinion.

I use the timer on my microwave, which is one of the few times I ever use the MW at all.

pidge said...

Your blog on the timers is a hoot, and I can so relate.

I can tell you what I did to change my background color. I went in to my Dash Board, up at left top I clicked on Template design, click advanced, click background, then I picked out new color. Hope this works for you, and thanks for all your prayers for my brother. I tell him about my messages about him and it is very uplifting for him. Stay safe.

Janna and Mike said...

Love the new collage header!

Nicki said...

I finally have my new stove too! You're right about the kettle boiling quicker; it sure happened fast. I also found the oven racks to be lighter and slippery! The pizza pans went sliding across to the back faster then expected!

Joy said...

Hi Vera,

Sounds like you have been busy again. Frightening Christmas just around the corner. Our weather is warming up thank goodness. Lots of hugs Joy.