Sunday, November 28, 2010

1. Advent

Today is the first day of Advent. When I was a child my brother and I as well as our friends used to go carolling on this day starting at 6AM. We would go around  an area assigned to us by our pastor. Quite often we heard not so nice comments from the people who would have liked to sleep a little longer on a Sunday morning Smile but most people enjoyed listening to us. After we finished we would all go to the church hall for coffee and donuts. I always like this time of year even though sometimes it was really hard to get out of bed at around 5 AM.
Yesterday was a super day around here. It was sunny and not too cold. Cliff and I went again to wave our signs at the motorists.



It was amazing how many people gave us the thumbs up and honked their horns. We had a lot of fun doing it. Again I took a bunch of cookies and now Cliff and I are called “The cookie lady and her gentleman”.
Cliff went today also but I stayed home because we were going to have company and I had to prepare for that. 
As usual we had a great time with our friends.
Tonight will be an early bedtime.
Good night everybody ☺  


Gypsy said...

Advent was a big thing in our lives when I was younger, but as I got older I thought it was drab and much preferred the joy of Christmas. Now I don't celebrate either and don't miss them.

Anonymous said...

I really wish I were there to light the candles with you. You always made Christmas so much fun and special for me. Thank you!!! xoxoxoxox