Wednesday, December 1, 2010

iPod again

This morning I had to be in the hospital by 8.15 AM for a CT scan that had been booked about 2 months ago. Cliff drove and stayed in the parking lot doing some of his paper work. By 10.15 I was finished and we went to Superstore for some gas and a few groceries. When we finished we were on our way back when I remembered that Walmart had a good deal on toilet paper this week. Of course right next to Walmart is our new Future shop!!! which was the big attraction. I bit the bullet and bought another iPod Touch. I really enjoyed the one I had but took back because I could not download some audiobooks from the library. I am keeping the Sansa Fuze + so now I have both players. Hopefully that are all the toys for a long while. Smile
We got home too late to cook so we just had a few snacks and I made a good meal tonight. I prefer having my big meal at lunch time.
We still have a fair bit of snow on our property but not far from here the fields were free of snow. It is supposed to be sunny for a few days although it will be colder too. Just as long as the snow stays away I don’t care if it is cold.
Cliff is at another meeting and I will sit by the fire and read my book for awhile.

Good night everybody ☺

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Janna and Mike said...

We do love our gadgets, don't we?? I think Santa is planning on bringing me an Ipod and I got an unexpected loan/gift on Sunday. My DIL had a Kindle someone had given her as a gift and she had NEVER used it. She is loaning it to me for the winter and I was actually able to download a free book onto it yesterday with NO problems!

pidge said...

Hope you are alright. I haven't been able to read blogs for a couple of weeks, so afraid I don't know why you had to have the scan. Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Adventures in toilet paper...only you!!! That's what I love about you!!!