Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dreary day

We had two very nice days but this morning it started to rain. Thankfully it is more like a drizzle. Good thing Cliff went out early this morning to replenish the wood supply for the house. He was just finished when the rain started. I am so pleased it is rain and not snow. I don’t miss a white Christmas at all.
Today is supposed to be the busiest shopping day of the Season. I am sure glad I don’t need to go out and mingle with the crowds.
We just finished lunch. I cooked some of our squash together with cabbage. That is a great combination. Since we only have 2 small burners on the stove I like to combine the veggies. Sometime that turns out great and other times not so great.
In the summer I bought a few solar lights for the flower baskets. They were now starting to burn very dim and not for long since the days are not bright enough for a charge. When I had a closer look at them I found that they run on one rechargeable AA battery. I took the batteries out and recharged them on our 110 charger and now they shine bright again. I will probably have to do that again soon but that is OK.

flowerpots at xmas (Medium)

Tomorrow is the 4th of Advent and Christmas is fast approaching. I hope everyone has a healthy and happy time. 
In case you are interested in some good food have a look here:

Christmas Island

Good bye everybody ☺



Gypsy said...

I often cook a couple of vegetables together also - saves cleaning an extra pan and also should save on electric or whatever the heats the stove.

Margie and Roger said...

Interesting hanging basket - never would have thought about turning a summer basket into Christmas decor. I am so NOT creative like that.

pidge said...

Could you share how you cook those two vegetables together. My husband will eat squash, but I ususally get zucinni or yellow squash, slice it, dip it in and egg mixture, then in Italian bread crumbs, fry it, then sprinkle parmesean cheese on it, but I would like to know some other way to fix it. Thanks.