Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gadget update

I really like my new iPod Touch but the Sansa Fuze + went back to Future Shop. It has a touch pad and the sensitivity was too great. I had it locked and it often unlocked just by moving the gadget and when it did it skipped a few chapters. It was very frustrating and I could not see dealing with that for a long time. I returned it and bought the Sansa Clip + instead. It is so tiny that it would fit in a matchbox, has 4 GB and not a touch pad but a clickable pad. So far I have no problem with bookmarking which is very important when listening to an audiobook. I really think that this is a keeper. I have never taken stuff back this much in my lifetime. Normally when I buy something I hang on for dear life.
I hope this is the end of the gadget chapter.
We spent another 2 hours yesterday waving our signs. This time it was by Country Grocer and it was not too cold and the sun was shining. We had quite a few people with us so we even had a good time socialising.


After that I had time to play on the computer and read all the Blogs I follow. In the evening we had friends over for tea and cake. It was very enjoyable. We stayed up until after 11 PM which is very rare for us. Usually we get sleepy around 9 PM.
Now I better start our Sunday pork roast.
Good bye everybody ☺


Gypsy said...

I don't think I want any more hi tech stuff in my life for a while, unless it's a solar system for my truck camper. Still haven't gotten the iPod to work, but my granddaughter will be coming home from college for Christmas, and she will take care of me.

Nicki said...

I like your advent picture, so pretty.

pidge said...

Love your new header. Very pretty. Did you make the silver trees?