Thursday, December 16, 2010

No rain

I am very happy to report that. Yesterday I had an appointment with my doctor and today I had my hair cut. Glad both of those appointments are over with and I did not have to worry about driving on snow or ice or both.
Most of the time now Cliff drives and I love that but it sure does not help my own driving. When he first retired I would have rather gone to town by myself because I was used to it but now I would rather go together. Time sure changes one’s outlook.
A few days ago I noticed that one of my outdoor solar lights was not working. I had a closer look and saw that it worked with one AA rechargeable battery. I opened the light, removed the battery and charged it up in our battery charger. Then I put everything back together and tonight it burns bright. I wonder if it will work tomorrow at least a little bit because all the other ones only work for a short while since there is hardly any sun to charge them up.
On Tuesday I got a book from the library that I had been waiting for. When I first ordered it more than 400 people were ahead of me. When I brought it home it only took me about one hour before I knew that I would not have the patience to read it. It was No. 2 book of a trilogy. I had a hard time getting through the first one: “The girl with the dragon tattoo” but I thought I would try the next one, “The girl who played with fire” but it was a no go. The books are supposed to be such big hits, but not for me.
One of our baseboard heaters did not work so Cliff fixed it today. It sure is nice to have a handyman around the house. We hardly ever use the heaters but sometimes it is good to have them on a cold night after the fireplace dies down.
Now I am off to do a bit more knitting and listening to a book at the same time. I just love my new little MP3 player.
Good night everybody ☺



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