Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fridge Soup etc.

Last Saturday was our 52nd anniversary so we decided to go out for Chinese food. We have a really good restaurant close by. Cliff and I normally get just the combination plate. The buffet is absolutely not cost effective since we don’t eat very much at one sitting. At least with the combo plate we get to take the leftovers home which we did last Saturday too. We chose different dishes and had enough to warm up at night. That still did not take care of all the food so the next day I decided to make some “fridge soup”. It consisted of the rest of the Chinese food and cut-up  leftover piece of the pizza I had made before plus a piece of chicken and some extra vegetables. Best soup we had in a long time but unfortunately cannot be duplicated I am sure. That soup lasted for dinner, evening and next evening. How much thriftier can one get???
I hate throwing food out.
For about 5 days I have had terrible hip pain. I really don’t know why. I could hardly get up the stairs. One reason might be that I carried heavy shopping bags for some distance and another one could be that I started to take calcium supplements. I read someplace awhile ago that too much calcium can be detrimental to the bones. So now I wait for awhile before I try that again and see what happens. Right now I have no more pain and am glad for it.
The weather has not been bad at all. Some rain but not too much and always a bit of sun as well during the day.
I ordered some more knitting books from the library for my toe-up sock adventure. It is fun to try something new.
Now I will find something fun to do.
Good bye everybody ☺



Judy and Emma said...

Never thought of putting left over pizza into a soup!

nicki said...

pizza and chinese food with chicken in soup.....sounds very strange

pidge said...

I'm not sure about the soup, but if you all liked it, thats all that matters. Love your Maxine today.

Fred said...

Saying a prayer for you with that back pain. The drugs the Dr. gave me seems to be doing the trick for getting rid of my back pain.

Congrats on your anniversary!

Anonymous said...


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

I hope that the calcium that you took had Vitamin D in it. If it doesn't, then the calcium doesn't 'take' properly.

I hope you get over your hip pain soon. Once in a while I get hip pain, but that reminds me to take my vitamins, extra Vit. D, and fish oil, then it disappears.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX