Friday, April 8, 2011

Maybe Spring is finally here

I very much hope so. We have had a few sunny days. Pretty soon it is time to work in the garden. For Cliff that is, I don’t really like gardening but do a bit of weeding off and on. I like harvesting though ☺ I did weed the little square in our concrete patio. There used to be an apple tree but the roots were too shallow and every winter it toppled over. For several years we propped it up again and we still got apples but in the end we had to take it out. Since the deer used to eat everything that we planted in there I just weed it and leave it empty.
The Orchard Mason Bees are out of their nests and buzzing around. It will not be long before the cherry and plum trees are breaking out in bloom. I was surprised to see the bees out because I’m not sure where they find food just yet.
So far we have not seen any swallows. Last year they came a bit earlier.
The hummingbirds are back from their winter vacation.
We went shopping this morning at Superstore and I saw this Parking sign:


I was tempted to use that spot figuring: I AM a mother and I AM EXPECTING phone calls and letters from my kids, so I MUST BE an expectant mother. Since I like to park away from the store to get at least a bit of exercise I just took a picture and drove on.
Happy Birthday, Nicki. xoxo
That’s it for today.
Good bye everybody ☺



Judy and Emma said...

Good take on the expectant mother sign! :)

pidge said...

Love the sign. I am looking forward to all of your harvests. Loved them last year.

Janna and Mike said...

Is that header photo recent? If it is, you certainly have more spring than we do.