Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back to normal

Last Monday before picking up the Maytag parts we went to Walmart to do a bit of shopping.

I picked up a spiral ham that was on special. It must have been a momentary lapse of judgement because when we got home I looked at the size of it and was wondering for how many weeks we had to eat it since there is just Cliff and I at the table! To top it off when we tried it we found that it was very salty. So here I am stuck with about 8 pounds of salty ham. I knew I had to think of some way to use it because I just cannot throw food out.

I cut it up into usable portions and froze some but kept 2 chunks out. This morning I ground those 2 chunks up in my Braun grinder and figured I could use that instead of sausage to make biscuits and gravy, southern style. I checked for recipes on the internet and it sounded pretty easy. That’s what we had for lunch with a substitution of potatoes for the biscuits plus broccoli and a salad. It turned out very tasty and is a keeper. I also think that it would be great as a filling for crepes. Nicki had a good idea to mix the ground ham with cheese in scalloped potatoes for another dish. So now I am glad I bought that large ham.

All in all today was a great day.

Good night everybody ☺

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