Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished!!

By gosh we’ve got it ☺

It was around one in the afternoon Monday when the Maytag dealer called to let us know the parts kit we ordered was in. We went right to town, did a little bit of shopping, picked up the parts and started work on the machine at around 4.30 PM. At 11 PM, after we gave the washer a run through with just water, we were finished, but not without lots of work and frustrations. Actually I should say not without MY frustrations. Cliff is as cool as a cucumber when he does jobs like this one.

Maytag Man


Here are the tools of the trade:


All the electronic connections had to be made but luckily he was wise enough to take pictures before disconnecting everything.



Before that could be accomplished we had to put the machine together again and unfortunately we did not take any pictures before disassembly. That was too bad since it took us quite some time to figure it out which certainly was not easy. The icing on the cake was a wire around the drum that held the rubber boot from the outer drum to the machine. It was connected by a spring in the middle. What a job that was. Every time we had the boot in the correct position and tried to pull one side of the spring long enough to connect the other side the boot came off again. The spring was too strong. We tried using all kinds of tools but nothing seemed to work until Cliff thought of brake spring pliers he had. Off he went to the garage and after the second try the job was done. Too bad we did not think of that before.

During the whole job we had to change positions. On time I was in front of the machine holding something or other and Cliff in back, a few minutes later we switched. Up.... down, up...down. In the end I could hardly straighten up. This is not a job for an old lady ☺

This morning I did 2 loads of laundry and what a relief to hear the washer run smoothly.

All told the cost was $ 88.79, a far cry from the quote of $ 300.00 to 500.00. Cliff corrected me about the price I quoted in my earlier Blog.

and after:

Here is Humpty Dumpty put together again:


In conclusion: I hope we don’t have to do this job again any time soon ☺

Good night everybody ☺



Sandra said...

Congratulations on your DIY!

Gypsy said...

Don't you love it when you can fix something yourself for a lot less money? Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Wow! 11pm is way way past your bedtime! Congrats!

Janna and Mike said...

Yea for you guys! I love that Michael can do that sort of thing, too, and even likes to do it!

Fred said...

I have the exact washing machine! Thanks for the blow by blow of how you and Cliff figured out the problem, ordered the parts, and FIXED the machine!

Congrats. Now you both need to take each other out for a treat with all the money you saved. ;>)

Congrats to both of you!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Vera, I hope your husband will buy you a top loader for your 80th birthday, coming up soon,,,,,, those front loading machines are only good for families with 2 kids or more, ya need the top loader ones, for old people cuz you forget to add stuff and then you can do that anytime, and also do a very small wash.

pidge said...

Sure glad you got her up and running again. Thanks for your kind words about my health.