Saturday, April 30, 2011

Is spring finally here?

I sure hope so.
According to the above picture it looks like it is true. The Orchard Mason Bees are hard at work. Cliff had to make another bee house to accommodate all of the newly hatched bees. I am glad they are not inclined to sting because there are so many of them.
It was such a fine day that I even went out and weeded the flower bed. It always pleases me to see it free of weeds. Unfortunately that is an ongoing process. It does not take long before the weeds take over again.
We bought our 18 Early Girl tomatoes a few days ago and yesterday Cliff planted them in 2 cloches. He also planted 6 lettuce plants that we bought already about 5 inches tall and 6 tiny little lettuce plants that I raised in the house. All of those are under plastic cloches as well. It is still too cold at night without protection.
I was able to pick the first useable veggies.


I will be cooking some tomorrow. Rapini is a plant that comes back every year and tastes great. I always look forward to the first meal. This year it has been much later than normal.
It has also been a much colder Spring and most of our tulips have frozen edges and don’t look nice. Too bad because they looked great last year.
Time for bed.
Good night everybody ☺

gas prices


Judy and Emma said...

Never heard of Rapini. What do you do with it?

Victoria Taylor said...

Love that comic stip is too funny! You are so right, gas prices right now are way to expensive...hope they don't continue to sky rocket. I had never heard about Rapini either, would love to try it out. Thanks for sharing, hope you have a great week ahead of you :)
All the best,
Victoria Discount Car Insurance Expert

pidge said...

I have never heard of Rapini either. It looks to be a salad green, but awaiting your answer. Thanks for your comments on my health. Stay safe, and love reading about your gardening.