Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother’s Day tomorrow

and we went to town today to get 2 flower baskets and some plants to put together a third one. The third one is the one that had the birds nest last year and one of the plants actually survived the winter. I originally thought I would just plant a few more flowers in it but the dirt was so matted up that I had to replace it. I hope the old plants will survive because they took quite a beating when I got them out. Now we need one more basket to even everything out. I have a solar light in each one and also solar Chinese lanterns between the baskets. Cliff figures the lanterns look “tacky” but I like them and so they stay Winking smile
We actually went shopping quite a few times this week. Normally we combine all of it in one day but somehow this week was different.
The weather has been “Medium-Rare” this week but we picked nice days for our outings.
Weather permitting Cliff is outside whipping the garden into shape but he has a long way to go yet.  It has been too wet all Spring to do much.
A lot of our Lilies are up but none of the dahlias survived. I have to buy new ones next trip out.
Pretty soon we’ll be eating the first Rhubarb.
All is good ☺

Good bye everybody ☺

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