Sunday, June 19, 2011

Losing interest

Yes, I am losing interest in blogging. I guess that is because nothing really interesting happens that I could write about.
Today I went to the garden and took a few pictures.

Our lettuce


and it looks like we are getting lots of strawberries.

The Dahlias are coming up nicely too. I saved the tubers from last year and had luck with them sprouting. The year before I did not have one that overwintered. It will be interesting to see which type of dahlias we will get. I did not mark them. This fall I will make sure I do.

The other day Cliff came in the kitchen bringing me our first potatoes. Here is a picture:

I almost needed glasses to see them but I threw them in with the potatoes for that day. Now I am waiting for the big ones! I bought a 10 pound bag of potatoes the other day and they are really terrible. I have to peel twice as much as I want to eat because so much of them has to be cut off.
As you see, nothing earth shattering is occurring but I like it this way.
Hope everybody had a great Father’s Day.

See you in the future.
Good night everybody ☺


Gypsy said...

I know the feeling of having not much to say, but I always enjoy reading your blog no matter what you write about. Your garden looks really beautiful! Does it take a lot of your time?

Margie and Roger said...

Sounds like a case of blogger doldrums. I go thru that fairly often too when nothing much is going on. When that happens, I just post whenever I feel like it. Seems like the readers/followers still like to know what's going on.

The Blogger situation has been a pain in the neck lately. For some reason it seems to be better this morning.

I enjoyed your photos - especially the tiny, tiny potatoes.

Janna and Mike said...

I envy you your lettuce--mine is barely an inch tall!

Judy and Emma said...

Now those are some NEW potatoes! It is hard to be witty and interesting when nothing is going on. I'm having the same mental lull this summer.

Roadrunner said...

Boy your garden is fab! Wish I had some taters!