Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Day

Happy in more ways than one.
First, my little iPod got a big brother! I took a flying trip to Future shop in Duncan and bought a brand spanking new iPad… big brother to iPod. It sure is easier to see but I still like iPod because it is easier to transport. Not so good is the fact that I have to share big Brother with big Cliff Sad smile Smile
On the way to town I saw that BC Hydro was doing something on 2 power poles on the opposite side of the road so when I came back I decided to take the long way around Cowichan Bay from Duncan. That is the reason why Happy time two came into play.
Getting nearly to Country Grocer I saw a truck with a sign that read “Sockeye Salmon”. I came to a screeching halt and walked back to buy 4 freshly caught salmon. Each was between 3 and 5 pounds.
When I got home I alerted Cliff and he scaled them and I fileted them and froze them in usable portions. We love Sockeye salmon but I would not give you a plugged nickel for Chinook. I know a lot of people would deem that heresy but I find it too strong. Cliff likes it though.
When we still had our sailboat we used to fish all the time and mostly caught Chinook and Coho. I always called the sailboat “Tradewind”  a fish boat in disguise. One year we even caught the biggest Chinook at the Mill Bay Fishing Derby. That sure was exciting. I have canned hundreds of pints and half pints of Salmon in my lifetime but this year I just froze the 4 fish.  
I also have an update on my “killer flower basket” but that is for another Blog entry, right now I want to play with big brother Smile

Good night everybody ☺


Janna and Mike said...

The friends visiting us have an IPad and I can see one in my future--they are so cool!!

Gypsy said...

I prefer sockeye salmon also. Can't wait to hear about the killer baskets.

pidge said...

Waiting to hear what is killing the bees. Stay safe.

Sonja said...

I have three things to say.
1. Stop spending my inheritance! Use that library card I got you instead!!! What do you need an IPad for? You kids spend far too much time with computers! Get some fresh air!!
2. What's a plugged nickel?
3. What happened with the basket? Please don't leave me in suspense!!