Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Watching Swallows

What a great occupation!  We watched 3 little guys starting to fly. Usually one at a time with one parent around. One baby looked out of the door of the nest and another one was sitting on the peg in front of the door. At one time the little guy on the peg tried to get through the door but the “bully” in the doorway would not let it pass. It was almost through when it got shoved back down. That happened a few times and in the end it gave up trying. I must have sat watching the nest for about an hour.

DSC03385 (Medium)

I did not hear anything from the nursery in Chilliwack so I took the “Killer Basket” in the house for a few days.  It was a bit of a nuisance so I ended up taking it to the garden and using a fine mist from the garden hose to give it a good bath and hung it outside again. That seems to have done the trick and the bees stopped dying.
In the end the nursery phoned after all wanting to exchange the basket for another one so they could test the bad one. Of course there was no use to that after I had sprayed it. They were very good about it and told me to call back if the trouble came back. So far everything is OK.

butterfly on the basket
DSC03343 (Medium)

We have had a few beautiful days but the weather is supposed to change a bit. I don’t mind because I rather like the cooler weather. 

Good night everybody ☺


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