Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday Sign Waving

It was a beautiful day yesterday but very hot for waving signs. The turn-out was fantastic, more than 100 people. Lots and lots of cars going by and blowing their horns. As usual the cookies I baked in the morning were a great success and not one was left over. Good thing I saved a few for Cliff.
DSC03530 (Medium)


this is the area where an recycling/dump depot is supposed to be built.
DSC03533 (Medium)

read all about it

We have been battling the local government for over a year now. I hope it will not go on forever because it really messes up our life.
None of us is against recycling (I have been doing it diligently for years now) It’s just the location we are fighting. This area is zoned agricultural and is such a beautiful sight. I cannot understand how anybody could chose to destroy it. Besides that there are 4 recycling centres already in the area.
OK, rant over ☺

It is a little cooler today and I am thankful for that. Yesterday was the first time this summer when we spent some time downstairs in the rec-room because it was too hot upstairs.  We left all the windows and doors open last night to cool the house down. I closed the drapes this morning to keep the sun out and now I have to open everything up again to get a bit of heat inside. Crazy weather but at least I have my clothes on the line today. They always smell so nice when they are dried outside.
Lunch is over with and now I have to think what I am going to serve tomorrow. It’s a never ending chore ☺ but I like it.

That is the end for today.
Good bye everybody ☺



Sue and Doug said...

good luck with the fight!..looks like a beautiful can only hope that they will make a new decision!!

Fred said...

It just never ceases to amaze me how government decides where they want to locate dumps and recycling areas. Why do they always pick the best land? What's wrong with vacated inner city area's?
End of Rant.
I also remember the great smell of sheets dried outside in the sun. Wilma still manages to get ours out to dry weather permitting.

Anonymous said...

great pictures,all with a good intent,good luck....eddiex

Joy said...

The governments in Australia aren't much better. We have so much land like yourself but they have to pick the beautiful sites and ruin Mother Nature. Agree about the washing smelling beautiful outside. Lucky being in Queensland don't even own a dryer and I would say over 10 years the washing wouldn't haven't dried in a day only about 3 times. Hope all is well with you and Cliff Vera.