Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Happy...

I am not a Happy Camper :-( Cliff and I have been playing Mexican Train dominoes as I wrote before. The first time I won big time and bragged about it in my Blog. My bragging must have jinxed it because I have not won another game!!! 7 games - 6 losses for me. I told Cliff tomorrow we'll play Rummy ☺. Am I a poor looser???? After 6 losses I think I have a right to be.
Other than that my days have been great. The sun has warmed the house to the extend that after the initial fire in the morning we did not have to add any more wood and the house has been toasty warm.
As usual we have been shopping a few times. Once we picked up some Ambrosia Apples. They have to be my favourites. It is amazing how crisp they still are.
Yesterday Cliff's niece and husband came for an unexpected visit in the afternoon. They brought a very tasty loaf of banana bread. I had just made a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies so we had a good feed of both. I don't normally bake too much because Cliff and I are both bad when it comes to sweets so I try not to have any in the house.
As usual today was laundry day and everything is clean and fresh back in the cupboards. Nice feeling.
Now I wish everybody a good night ☺



Gypsy said...

I hope your good luck comes back soon, although you can't win them all!

Tzara said...

OOoooo I want to play dominoes with Grandpa!! By the way grandma I put up some pictures of pepper! Check them out on my page.