Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It’s raining now

We had a very quiet time on New Years Eve. Went to bed around 10 PM and I never woke up until after the New Year had already started. Cliff told me of some fireworks that went off in the neighbourhood but I heard nothing. I caught up on a bit of reading and knitting over the weekend.  
The first few days of the New Year were very cold but now it warmed up and it is raining. Maybe it will turn into sloppy snow but hopefully it will stay rain. I love seeing pictures of snow but not the real thing.
We just came back from shopping in Mill Bay. This week is 25% off week for all Pharmasave products and I took advantage of that. 
I also loaded up with Sears catalogues. Since I rarely order anything I had to actually ask for some catalogues at the local outlet of Sears. I am still looking for some flannel sheets. I looked at Walmart and Superstore but could not find what I wanted. Thanks Pidge and Sandra for your tips about buying sheets.
Now I will get busy and see what I cannot live without from Sears. Open-mouthed smile

Good bye everybody ☺



Judy and Emma said...

I'm with you! Pictures of snow are great; the real thing...not so great. :)

pidge said...

We love our flannel sheets. We top them with our electric blanket and then a quilt. That way we don't run the furnace all night, and Rusty, our puppy, likes it cooler in here too. Hope you find some sheets, they are really great in the winter.