Friday, January 28, 2011

This and that…

Not much happening at our house. I went to the doctor last Monday and got a clean bill of health. That is always something to celebrate ☺ While I was waiting for the doc to attend to me I was happily listening to my book. That sure beats taking a bulky book along. In the meantime Cliff waited in the car busily preparing for a meeting later that day.
Last Wednesday we had another meeting at our house and I made more cookies for that. I can’t remember baking as many cookies as I have for the last little while. I found a really good recipe for soft peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips recipe on the Internet. Not good for my girlish figure let me tell you!!!
At around 11 AM yesterday Cliff called to see if it was possible for him and two of his colleagues to get a bowl of soup at our house. I had no soup but had just put a meatloaf into the oven. We had that with mashed potatoes, creamed cabbage, squash and a salad. I supposed that was even better than soup!! Everybody left the table satisfied.
Today we did another bit of shopping. First we stopped at my favourite yarn shop and I bought enough yarn for a few pairs of socks. They have a sale on until the end of this month. 20% off the normal price.
Then we went on to do a bit of banking. While there we used a great ballpoint pen. We liked it so much that we stopped at Staples to buy a few of them. Now we should be set for a long long time ☺
After that it was off to Superstore and finally home sweet home, just in time to watch the weather report on TV. Raining off and on in the future with a few periods of sunshine, just like the past few days.  
Here is  a picture of yesterday morning from our living room.

Good night everybody ☺


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