Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowing again

We had to do shopping and since the forecast was for snow we started early in the morning. Cliff had an appointment with the dentist at 11 AM so we combined that with shopping first. Well, it turned out he read the time wrong and instead 11 AM it was 1 PM so we went home and had lunch and afterwards Cliff went back to the dentist. While he was gone he had a few phone calls so it took awhile returning them and then to get going for the afternoon shopping. Still no snow! As soon as we finished shopping it started to snow and by the time we got home the driveway was full of it and we started to slip driving into the garage but we made it. Was I ever happy to be home but Cliff had a meeting tonight; luckily he was picked up and did not have to drive.
Yesterday morning I had an appointment to have an exploratory operation in Duncan Hospital. It was under general anaesthetic so I did not feel a thing. A polyp and some scar tissue was removed and I was back home by 4 PM. I have not had any pain, so all went well. In two weeks I’ll find out the results of the biopsy that was done at the same time. The doctor said all looked good.
When I was recovered the nurse offered me some digestive cookies. Boy were they good and because of that I had to buy some today. Now if I can only share them out 2 to a day. (Never gonna happen ☺)
It is still snowing but it is supposed to get warmer starting tomorrow with possible rain. The will be an unholy mess I guess but I will be able to stay home by the fire watching the world go by.
Now back to knitting.
Good night everybody ☺



Gypsy said...

Glad you made it back home safely, and now enjoy the evening in a warm home.

I hope the results of the biopsy turn out well.

Anonymous said...

I am still reading Vera......... Eddie x

Sandra said...

Good luck with the biopsy!

You sound like me with cookies. You can never eat just 1 or just 2....

Jan said...

Your blog just pops when I open it, love the gorgeous pink! Always an interesting read to.

pidge said...

Hope all turns out well with your biopsy. What are digestive cookies?

Judy and Emma said...

Pidge beat me to the punch with her question. :) Inquiring minds want to know!

Brenda said...

I hope your biopsy turns out OK.