Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today we got inspired by two sources, first by our friends Tom and Joyce and then by Rick's Blog.
Tom called this morning and during the conversation he mentioned that he was going to pressure wash his deck since he finds it easier to do while the rain already soaked it a bit. I rained last night quite a bit. As usual I read Rick's Blog and he mentioned that Paulette pressure washed their deck etc. Cliff and I then started to scrub our balcony using a stiff broom and Tide detergent. Two years ago we tried using the pressure washer on that too but it took a big chunk of the deck paint off which was hard to repair. It took us more than an hour to do and because it looked so nice and clean we decided we better clean up the cement patio too which took a beating during the last two winters. It had lots of moss growing on it.
After lunch Cliff hooked the machine up for me and off I went. That is a job I like doing because I can really see results. Now the patio and the walk around the house are nice and clean and again I am promising myself that I will do it every year. Hope I can keep that promise. ☺
We also went to Mill Bay early this morning for a few groceries and I had to pick up a book at the library I had ordered. "A Painted House" by John Grisham. I read that before and remember liking it a lot.
Now I will read so

Good night everybody ☺



Anonymous said...

Great Blog mom...lots of useful information! Keep up the good work!!!

Rick and Paulette said...

Thanks for the "shout-out", Vera. Scrubbing the deck by hand sounds like a lot of work. Our deck isn't painted so we didn't have to worry about removing it with the power washer. I've read that John Grisham book too and really like it.