Sunday, May 9, 2010


For a few years now we have 2 swallow houses at the gable of our garage . We could watch them fly about gathering nest building material and catching their keep. Not this year! We see them only once in awhile and even see them coming from the nest but most of the time they are nowhere around. If I did not see them flying from the nest I would think they found better accommodation elsewhere. It will be interesting to see if there is nesting material in the houses after the swallows have left for the winter.
I wrote the former this morning and shortly after that I saw quite a few swallows and one or two even went into the nest and stayed for awhile before coming out again. So I guess they wanted to prove me wrong ☺ I am really glad they are here.

Now to the Mason bees. It is amazing how many are flying around. The air is full of them and the buzzing is super loud. Cliff keeps making more bee houses for them and they are busy filling them. The last one had over 100 holes but no matter how many nests we have they still fill every electric plug-in that is outside.

We had our usual company this afternoon and again had a great time together telling stories from "Yesteryear" when we were all young.
Hope everybody had a good Mother's Day.
Now it is nearly time to watch "The Amazing Race"
Good night everybody ☺


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