Monday, May 24, 2010

Lucky us..

Late Saturday Cliff saw an ad on UsedVictoria that was of great interest. Someone had a truckload of 5 ft long tree logs that he wanted to give away. Cliff answered that ad at once and yesterday he picked them up. To make the deal even sweeter the place was in Shawnigan Lake, just a few miles away from us. Since we had no plans for the day Cliff sawed them into stove length and I helped for a little while to pile the wood. There is a least a full cord. I don't have much stamina though so most of the work is left to him. Good thing he likes to do that. The weather was suitable too, not too hot and only a little bit of rain on and off.
It looks like we will have our woodshed full come winter. Of course should there be another windfall we'll be there with bells on ☺
Today we watched a bit of the Victoria Day Parade on TV today. It is amazing how many floats and marching bands are in it. The organizers even had to turn some entries away. Very colourful and the weather was great for the parade.
Now it is nearly time for "Dancing with the Stars". I have not watched it all but I always like to see the Finale.
Good night everybody ☺



Gypsy said...

You should be toasty warm next winter if you keep getting wood - and at such a good price!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Vera, it is time you changed your picture of the flowering plum tree, or are you waiting for the plums to appear? I would like to see a new picture, perhaps one of your healthy looking green garden veggies, I like the look of fresh veggies growing. Perhaps a snapshot of the tomatoes, or one of your grizzly Adams spouse. Perhaps a picture of the blackberry jam, that you said you made for me!!! Or maybe a picture of the sun coming over the treetops, as if that would ever happen on the Wet Coast!!