Thursday, May 27, 2010

We've had enough, please

rain that is. Not much we can do in the garden when it rains. Even Cliff had to do jobs inside like making a new sawhorse which is a good thing because the old one was in danger of collapsing so maybe I should not complain about the rain.
Tonight we used the last of our Pizzas. Now I need to make 6 more. I like to have those in the freezer for the night when I just cannot think of something to serve. We had Hungarian Goulash for lunch and it was very tasty with enough leftover for tomorrow.
I finished my book "The Prodigal Summer" this afternoon. I really enjoyed it.
We don't have flowers at the front of the house. I gave up on that a few years ago since there was not enough sun. The house was shading it in the morning and in the afternoon the trees were doing that job. Now the trees are gone but the deer are in full force. This is what the flowers would look like today, only stumps left.
DSC02117 [HDTV (720)]
Good thing it is just weeds. It used to be very frustrating to see the flowers chewed off. Instead of flowers we can watch a beautiful 2 point Buck for the last few days. Cliff wanted to take a picture this morning but by the time he found the camera the Buck was gone.
Our vegetable garden in the back is fenced off. The fence had to be 8 feet high because the deer would just jump over a lower one. Just now our neighbourhood Buck arrived again and here he is
deer small
This time we were able to catch him on camera.
It's late and I will go to bed now.
Good night everybody ☺

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