Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sheets and more sheets

I finally bought sheets from Sears. When I ordered them the lady who was very hard to understand asked if I also wanted to order some sheets that were on special… 50% off. Since they were only $ 9.99 for a twin set I figured why not and ordered 2 sets. They were made of microfiber material. I expected them to be made of the same material that some of the throws are made of, thick and thirsty. When they arrived I was very disappointed. They were thin and felt more like satin sheets. I almost took them back but since I opened one of the sets decided to wash it and at least try it out. Well… they are now my best loved sheets. Even though they are thin they are warm and feel very luxurious on the skin. I can hardly wait to go to bed at night Smile. The sale is finished now but even at full price they are cheap. Originally I thought one set was for Cliff and the other for me but I am re-considering that. Maybe they are both for ME Smile. The other 3 sets are flannel and are also very nice and warm. Good for the master of the house.
That’s my story for today.
Good night everybody ☺

toilet bowl

Friday, January 28, 2011

This and that…

Not much happening at our house. I went to the doctor last Monday and got a clean bill of health. That is always something to celebrate ☺ While I was waiting for the doc to attend to me I was happily listening to my book. That sure beats taking a bulky book along. In the meantime Cliff waited in the car busily preparing for a meeting later that day.
Last Wednesday we had another meeting at our house and I made more cookies for that. I can’t remember baking as many cookies as I have for the last little while. I found a really good recipe for soft peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips recipe on the Internet. Not good for my girlish figure let me tell you!!!
At around 11 AM yesterday Cliff called to see if it was possible for him and two of his colleagues to get a bowl of soup at our house. I had no soup but had just put a meatloaf into the oven. We had that with mashed potatoes, creamed cabbage, squash and a salad. I supposed that was even better than soup!! Everybody left the table satisfied.
Today we did another bit of shopping. First we stopped at my favourite yarn shop and I bought enough yarn for a few pairs of socks. They have a sale on until the end of this month. 20% off the normal price.
Then we went on to do a bit of banking. While there we used a great ballpoint pen. We liked it so much that we stopped at Staples to buy a few of them. Now we should be set for a long long time ☺
After that it was off to Superstore and finally home sweet home, just in time to watch the weather report on TV. Raining off and on in the future with a few periods of sunshine, just like the past few days.  
Here is  a picture of yesterday morning from our living room.

Good night everybody ☺


Friday, January 21, 2011

Much better

That was then

and this is now and has been for nearly a week

I was very thankful for the reversal of fortune weather-wise.
I had to go to town several times and it made for good driving. In the meantime I ordered and received a set of sheets from Sears. I absolutely love them. They are nice and cozy and I ordered a few more right away. I should get them early next week.
Today I went to Duncan to the hairdresser and at the same time dropped in at Staples. I was amazed at how much more printer paper costs these days. It has been a long time since I bought the last batch but I needed it.
Tonight I watched Marketplace on TV. They brought out something I had been noticing before and that is how much lots of packaged products have shrunk in size and weight but the price stayed the same.  I guess we just have to grin and bear it since we can’t do anything about it.
I sure like my iPod Touch now. I downloaded a lot of free applications but for audiobooks I am using my Sansa clip MP3 player.
Time to go to bed. It’s hard to write when the time passes without much happening. Life is good.
Good night everybody ☺


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mega Snow

It snowed all Tuesday night and in the morning the scenery looked like this again:



Fortunately it warmed up and some of the snow is gone already but it is a sloshy mess outside. Cliff had to attend a meeting that night but luckily he was picked up and did not have to drive. The next day we saw on the News that many vehicles ended in the ditch exactly where Cliff would have been. We are supposed to get warmer weather for the next few days, so hopefully most of the snow will go.
I had a “high learning curve “ day today. I had been thinking of switching our phone from Telus to Shaw Cable but wanted to be sure of any deals. In the end I stayed with Telus because they reduced my monthly charges by about $ 7.00 and even included call display and voice mail for the new lower price. It sure pays to ask!!! So today I had to program the new features into my phone. As so often happens the person I dealt with at Telus was hard to understand which was very frustrating to say the least. In the end everything worked out OK and I can put away our answering machine.
Pidge and Judy wanted to know what “Digestive biscuits” are so I took some pictures to show you:


They taste very good and are not too sweet. I always try the least expensive type and since these taste great I see no reason to buy the more expensive ones. All kinds of companies manufacture them.

Time to do a bit more sock knitting.
Good night everybody ☺

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowing again

We had to do shopping and since the forecast was for snow we started early in the morning. Cliff had an appointment with the dentist at 11 AM so we combined that with shopping first. Well, it turned out he read the time wrong and instead 11 AM it was 1 PM so we went home and had lunch and afterwards Cliff went back to the dentist. While he was gone he had a few phone calls so it took awhile returning them and then to get going for the afternoon shopping. Still no snow! As soon as we finished shopping it started to snow and by the time we got home the driveway was full of it and we started to slip driving into the garage but we made it. Was I ever happy to be home but Cliff had a meeting tonight; luckily he was picked up and did not have to drive.
Yesterday morning I had an appointment to have an exploratory operation in Duncan Hospital. It was under general anaesthetic so I did not feel a thing. A polyp and some scar tissue was removed and I was back home by 4 PM. I have not had any pain, so all went well. In two weeks I’ll find out the results of the biopsy that was done at the same time. The doctor said all looked good.
When I was recovered the nurse offered me some digestive cookies. Boy were they good and because of that I had to buy some today. Now if I can only share them out 2 to a day. (Never gonna happen ☺)
It is still snowing but it is supposed to get warmer starting tomorrow with possible rain. The will be an unholy mess I guess but I will be able to stay home by the fire watching the world go by.
Now back to knitting.
Good night everybody ☺


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It’s raining now

We had a very quiet time on New Years Eve. Went to bed around 10 PM and I never woke up until after the New Year had already started. Cliff told me of some fireworks that went off in the neighbourhood but I heard nothing. I caught up on a bit of reading and knitting over the weekend.  
The first few days of the New Year were very cold but now it warmed up and it is raining. Maybe it will turn into sloppy snow but hopefully it will stay rain. I love seeing pictures of snow but not the real thing.
We just came back from shopping in Mill Bay. This week is 25% off week for all Pharmasave products and I took advantage of that. 
I also loaded up with Sears catalogues. Since I rarely order anything I had to actually ask for some catalogues at the local outlet of Sears. I am still looking for some flannel sheets. I looked at Walmart and Superstore but could not find what I wanted. Thanks Pidge and Sandra for your tips about buying sheets.
Now I will get busy and see what I cannot live without from Sears. Open-mouthed smile

Good bye everybody ☺