Thursday, December 17, 2015

Last one today!

Still snowing a bit, but nice and warm by the fireplace.


Still fooling around

On a message board I found a work around for OLW. It seemed that even if OLW seemed to work for one post, the second one would NOT work again.
This is it:

Open up Open Live Writer Blog Settings & enter your Google/Gmail password (I used my Blogger password which is different)

(File >> Options >> Accounts >> Select 'Blog" >> Edit >> Update Account Information)
You will find the Password Box is empty (though user name with be a GUID)
Fill in the password (Google/Gmail) >> Next >> complete the update.

Now I hope it stays working. We’ll see.

2 This…


First Snow

Trying out Open Live Writer again. I read that lots of people are having trouble using it. I did too for quite awhile but then last night it worked. Now I am wondering if it works again.
Here is the picture I just took. It looks very pretty but….. I don’t like driving in it, so now I am stranded

It did not work, so I used Blogger but I sure don't like it. Maybe in a year or so Open Live Writer have ironed out their problems. ;-)  I am just glad that I am not a prolific Blogger, otherwise I would be royally ticked off. (notice that I did not use a bad word? Was pretty hard not to though.)
Enjoy the season.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Open Live Writer

I am wondering if it finally works.
It is cold at night here but it was a nice and sunny day. Tomorrow is a different story.

I would like a nibble Smile