Monday, November 28, 2011

Last Sign-waving picture

DSC03821 (Medium)

It was a fun afternoon with lots of goodies to eat and lots of friends.

It’s over

or is it? I sure hope so. The Eco Depot was voted down by a large margin at least for the Cameron Taggart site. It was so nice not having to do 3 hours worth of “sign-waving” in the cold. It has been a long time since this nightmare started and hopefully it is over with now but we are still very vigilant.
Here is a video clip I took from the TV about it.

ECO Depot Interview on Shaw TV

We’ll see what the new year brings.
I used to bake lots of cookies to take to the sign-waving and because of baking every week I gained some weight during that time. Now I noticed though that I am so used to eating cookies that it will be hard to break that habit, but breaking it I must!!

We had a beautiful day here on the Island. Lots of sunshine and no rain but it was a tad cool. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain a bit but after that the sun will be out again. In tonight’s News we were told that the winter is going to be colder than normal. I hope they are wrong but if they are not, we have lots of wood to keep us warm in the house.

A few days ago I tried my hand at making biscuits and gravy but I think you have to be living in the South in order to do a good job ☺☺☺, mine sure did not work out too well. So I used the leftover sausage gravy to make it into a pot of soup. That was a success, so all was not lost.
I am looking forward to company on Wednesday. My sister in law and hubby live in Lethbridge and they have arrived in Victoria to spend one month on beautiful Vancouver Island. They like to be independent so they opted for a nice hotel in Victoria. It will be fun to visit often, either here or at their hotel.
Shopping tomorrow morning.
That’s it for tonight…so
Good Night everybody ☺