Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spring is keeping it’s distance

It will be awhile yet before it arrives.
I have decided to revive this Blog, at least I will post once in awhile.
My life goes at very even pace, so there is not really much to write about. So far we had a nice winter with very little snow. 3 times it snowed pretty hard but each time the snow disappeared very quickly. Christmas Day was the worst dump and there were lots of accidents on the Malahat Drive but again next day the roads were clear. Since then we had lots of cold nights but nice days with a few sunny days. I was glad that we had Christmas Dinner at our house this year, that way we did not have to brave the roads.
The trouble with the ECO Depot has come to a good end for us so my cookie baking days are in the past. Good thing too because I kept eating the left-over cookies and gained 10 pounds. I am happy to say that by now I lost just about all of them. That’s great, otherwise a new wardrobe would have been in my future.
Just before Christmas I bought a new iPad. YEESSS!! I wanted one for a long time since hubby and I shared one and lots of times I had to give it up when he went to meetings. No more sharing! Again YEESSS!!
I hope everybody has a good night.

cold mice