Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long, long ago…

I wrote the last Blog. I have had inquiries from Janna and Eddie wondering if I am OK. Thank you both for the thought and I am very well indeed, just too lazy to write. Actually there really is not much to write about.
Cliff is still working hard to stop the darn ECO depot/dump from being built in the farmland close by. Nobody is against having an ECO depot/dump  but not in a location that is farmland. It should be in an industrial area. It sure is hard to ‘fight City Hall” Last night we were both at a meeting of our area director but when questions came up that he found uncomfortable, he just changed the subject and so the fight goes on!!
DSC03225 (Medium)


Last Sunday we had another sign waving session. We are sure busy bees.

On June 18th we will have a fundraising dance. It should be lots of fun since we will have a live band which is supposed to be really good. This is coupled with a silent auction.

The garden is coming along great. We are now eating our home grown lettuce, onions and still Rapini every day. Our squash from last year lasted until about 4 weeks ago and I can hardly wait for the next crop. I really miss it. The tomatoes are growing by leaps and bounds. They are under cloches. Not long and radishes will also be on the menu.
To this day I still have 3 large bags of raspberries and one large bag of strawberries in the freezer. I really must do something with that.
The rhubarb is almost as tall as I am and I have not touched one leaf. It needs so much sugar that I don’t really want to use it. I will make some heavenly jam with it but I need crushed pineapple and after just checking my supply I find I am out of that. Next shopping trip will remedy that.
I just finished the audiobook “Heaven is for real” by Todd Burpo. It really is thought provoking. As you know I enjoy listening to books while I do otherwise boring chores. It’s a good thing I can download those from the library. I would be broke if I had to pay for them.

Back to my chores.
Good bye everybody ☺


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother’s Day tomorrow

and we went to town today to get 2 flower baskets and some plants to put together a third one. The third one is the one that had the birds nest last year and one of the plants actually survived the winter. I originally thought I would just plant a few more flowers in it but the dirt was so matted up that I had to replace it. I hope the old plants will survive because they took quite a beating when I got them out. Now we need one more basket to even everything out. I have a solar light in each one and also solar Chinese lanterns between the baskets. Cliff figures the lanterns look “tacky” but I like them and so they stay Winking smile
We actually went shopping quite a few times this week. Normally we combine all of it in one day but somehow this week was different.
The weather has been “Medium-Rare” this week but we picked nice days for our outings.
Weather permitting Cliff is outside whipping the garden into shape but he has a long way to go yet.  It has been too wet all Spring to do much.
A lot of our Lilies are up but none of the dahlias survived. I have to buy new ones next trip out.
Pretty soon we’ll be eating the first Rhubarb.
All is good ☺

Good bye everybody ☺

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