Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

We have to be thankful for the bountiful harvest this year. It has not been this plentiful for many years.
I have been canning, freezing and drying for quite awhile now. It started with our egg plums, then pears, apples and prune plums. Lots of different types squash. The first time we had a large amount of onions too. Our beets are almost as big as a small head and sweet throughout.
I made lots of tomato sauce, tomato Juice, whole tomatoes and dried tomatoes.
The work is never ending and I shall be glad when everything is done.
We will not be starving this winter if all goes well.
So far we have 7 pounds of dried apple rings and there are more to come. We also gave lots of fruit to our friends.
Here are the rest of the apples.
2015-09-19 balcony
There was just too much. I suppose that is a good predicament to have Smile.
Today I made green tomato relish.
Now I am off to fill the dehydrator again.