Sunday, July 5, 2015

Strange sky

I wonder if this means the end of the world is coming??? LOL
We woke up this morning to a sun that was only viewable as a dusty ball. It stayed that way all day long but it was as hot as it has been for quite some time. Without air-conditioning in the house it has been a real trial. I am glad our rec-room is on the ground level and the temperature is quite a bit cooler there, so that is where I have been hibernating. The garden needs lots of water which is in short supply on the Island. I am glad we have a well but just the same we are conserving as much as we can.
The wasps must like this weather though because we have lots of working nests under the eaves of the house and garage. Hubby got stung several times in the last few days. Living on the “Wetcoast” I thought I’d never pray for rain but that is exactly what I am doing now.
Hope springs eternal!
Bye for now.
2015-03-22 10.17.37