Thursday, February 24, 2011

Or maybe not !!

This is what the view from my window showed yesterday morning and it only got worse.
Today it looks like this:

I hope that is the end of snow for the winter and I hope that the plants I showed last time will survive the cold.
I also hope the snow will disappear soon because I need to do a bit of grocery shopping and I hate driving in the snow.
We now have a big motorhome in our backyard. Cliff’s nephew is staying here for a little while. It is nice to have company. Too bad he brought the snow with him ☺
Our granddaughter got married last Tuesday in Georgia. It is amazing how time flies, it seems it was just yesterday when she was a baby in my arms. I hate to think what the time does to us Smile
As usual I have been knitting and listening to audiobooks. The last one was “The Good Earth” by Pearl S. Buck. I tried to find more books by the same author but could not find any. I know she wrote numerous books and most of them are about life in early China. I read “The good Earth” at least 3 times. The first time when I was a teenager.
I just baked bran muffins. Cliff and I have one each every afternoon with our coffee and by now I can bake those with my eyes closed. Smile
Back to my work.
Good bye everybody ☺


Friday, February 18, 2011

Maybe Spring is coming

This afternoon Cliff came inside,  happy to tell me that he saw the first signs of Spring; some plants are coming up already.
Off I went to take a few pictures.
I am not sure what these flowers are called but they are very pretty.

The first snowdrops
DSC03057 (Small)

Rhubarb peeking through

and tulips coming up as well

I am really happy to see the first signs of Spring. It is supposed to get cold again though, hopefully the snow will not reach the South Island. If it does it probably will not stay long this time of the year.
A week ago I got the duvet cover I ordered from Sears but had another disappointment. A sham was supposed to come with it but was not there. Grrrrrr 
I took it back. That is the second disappointment. To top it off the refund will not cover the handling charges both times. I don’t find that acceptable. I don’t mind the charge if I can keep the merchandise but if it is flawed I should not have to pay for it. I am waiting for my Mastercard statement to see if that is true before I complain. It is not the money but the principal of the matter.
Other than that life goes smoothly so there is not much to write about. Housework, cooking, shopping, reading spending time reading Blogs, all is well.
Good night everybody ☺


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Not much happening

around our place.
Yesterday Cliff took our 2 swallow houses down to clean them. One had 5 unhatched eggs. I wonder what happened.
We were given these 2 nests a few years ago. When Cliff cleaned them out that time he found a rats nest inside one of them. Right from the first year one of the houses was never used by the swallows and we think that it must be the one that had the rats nest. Cliff cleaned it out really well and last year he even painted it but still the swallows did not like it. He switched the positions of the nests but that did not work either. There must be a lingering smell inside. We are going to see if a glass of vinegar placed inside for awhile might do the trick. Nicki mentioned that that is what they did to an old dresser that was pretty smelly. The unhatched eggs are from the nest that was used last year and where we saw the young swallows fly from. The parents must have tried to raise another batch.
Last year the first sign of the swallows was on March 17th so we have to hurry up. They seem to fly around for awhile and then go away again. I suppose they check out the available Real Estate.
We both enjoy watching the swallows flitting around.
Today was a beautiful, sunny day but it was a bit on the cold side. It will be nice when we can stop messing up the house with the fireplaces.
Good night everybody ☺


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Disappointment? Maybe not!!

The last of the sheet sets I ordered came yesterday. Cliff picked it up in Mill Bay. It looked really nice and I washed it right away since I wanted to use it soon. When I started to fold it up I saw that it was flawed. A large hole!! That was unacceptable so this morning I took it back. The girl at the counter was not sure if she could take it back since I washed it already but she called Sears and got a green light. Good for Sears because I would have avoided them like the plague had they not complied and made sure that everybody had known about it too.
Now comes the “maybe not” part… In the meantime I looked at the new catalogue and saw microfiber duvet covers. That is something I had been thinking of since I like the microfiber sheets so much and since Cliff does not use the flat sheets of any set I was happy to order a duvet cover instead of the sheet set. Now he can be just as cozy as I have been.
As long as there are no flaws with the duvet cover I will be a happy camper.
So this is the saga of the new bedding Smile
We are having a beautiful day. The sun has been out all day and the temperature has not been bad.

Good bye everybody ☺