Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Not much happening

around our place.
Yesterday Cliff took our 2 swallow houses down to clean them. One had 5 unhatched eggs. I wonder what happened.
We were given these 2 nests a few years ago. When Cliff cleaned them out that time he found a rats nest inside one of them. Right from the first year one of the houses was never used by the swallows and we think that it must be the one that had the rats nest. Cliff cleaned it out really well and last year he even painted it but still the swallows did not like it. He switched the positions of the nests but that did not work either. There must be a lingering smell inside. We are going to see if a glass of vinegar placed inside for awhile might do the trick. Nicki mentioned that that is what they did to an old dresser that was pretty smelly. The unhatched eggs are from the nest that was used last year and where we saw the young swallows fly from. The parents must have tried to raise another batch.
Last year the first sign of the swallows was on March 17th so we have to hurry up. They seem to fly around for awhile and then go away again. I suppose they check out the available Real Estate.
We both enjoy watching the swallows flitting around.
Today was a beautiful, sunny day but it was a bit on the cold side. It will be nice when we can stop messing up the house with the fireplaces.
Good night everybody ☺



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