Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bad is often not all bad…

If it had not been for the trouble with the ECO Depot we would not have met so many of our great neighbours .
Yesterday we had a bar-be-cue with the group at our neighbours turkey farm. I have never seen so many turkeys at once and the noise they made was LOUD!
DSC03842 (Medium)

This is only part of the turkey group.
We sure had a lot of fun. To keep us warm we had a fire in the field. Later on we had hamburgers and hot dogs.
DSC03847 (Medium)
DSC03849 (Medium)
This morning my brother-in-law came over bright and early and Cliff and he went to get a load of wood. Cliff saw it on Used Cowichan for sale; it was nearly 2 full cords and they had to make 2 trips. Now we need one more cord and we’ll have enough for this year and next. I even helped a bit to unload. When they came back from the first load I had lunch ready. Pork ribs with potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and a green salad with enough leftovers for tomorrow. I always like to have leftovers for Mondays because I am busy with doing laundry.
Last night I was invited to our new neighbours place for a ladies party. Everybody there was sooo young but it was lots of fun. I met the mother of our neighbour and had a good talk. She and her husband are leaving for a month holiday down South with their trailer. It is the first time they are Snow Birds. I hope they are having lots of fun. I sure envy them.
Now it’s time to say good bye and
good night everybody ☺

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