Sunday, January 22, 2012

I’m in the doghouse !

Yesterday I noticed that the fridge was awfully quiet for quite some time already so I checked the thermometers that I now have in the fridge and freezer compartment and they were at much lower temperatures than originally. So I alerted Cliff and he could hardly believe it but he took the whole thing apart again. He noticed that the motor was not getting any electricity but everything else seemed to have continuity. I finally dug out the fridge instructions – keep in mind the thing is nearly 36 years old – and he read that every eight hours of running time it would defrost and the rest of the circuits were shut down during that period. Dohh… it seemed to have been in that state when I noticed it. So he put everything together again, we hauled all the food back form the balcony where it was keeping cold and so far so good, it’s doing well. I hope it keeps on that way. Poor Cliff and his paranoid wife ☺
We had a really big wind storm today. Since we had invited company for this afternoon I made bread and was holding my breath all morning hoping the electricity would stay on long enough for the bread to bake. As it turned out we never lost power. We must have been some of the few people who did not so maybe we are living right ☺☺ I had baked a cake already yesterday. We had a great time.
That was my update on the fridge.
Good night everybody ☺


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