Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rant for today

First off… I love my iPad and some days my laptop sits idle because I am satisfied with the iPad.

Now for the rant:

After the last operating system update I am having a lot of problems. Sometimes it takes many clicks to get from an app back to the home screen. It happens so often that I am tempted to throw the thing in the fireplace but of course that will never happen. This morning I could not even open the iPad. After pressing the little round button a screen comes up to unlock the iPad. That would not work at all, I could not move the slider. In the end I had to power down the unit twice before I could move the slider to let me get to the desktop. The unit also works slower than it did before the update.

So far I have not heard anybody else complain and I am wondering if the problem lies with MY unit although somebody else complained about the slower working.

I have done the update Apple brought out after the new iOS 8, so my iPad is up to date, at least that is what it tells me. Now I am hoping there will be another update soon to rectify the problems I am having.

Rant over

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