Friday, April 10, 2015

My adventure

On Tuesday afternoon I went shopping in Duncan and while I was at Superstore I again looked at the cell phone Kiosk. Made up my mind what to get and now have a Galaxy SIII cell phone and decided to also get 300 Mb of data. So instead of paying $ 28.00 we pay $ 40.00 a months. 300 daytime minutes are included as well as evening and weekends free.

Evenings start at 5 PM and goes to 8 in the morning. What a learning curve that phone is!!! My head smoked so much that I had a really bad sleep always figuring out in my head how I could do stuff and if I made the right decision. Because it is an older model phone I got it on "the Tab" meaning I did not pay for it but every month they take 10% of my tab which means in about 2 years that phone is paid off. That's what I did with my old phone and it was paid in full and even $ 50.00 ahead for a new phone.

On Wednesday my husband went to 2 meetings and he left at around 10 AM came back around 3 PM and left again an hour later. All this time I spent reading PDF instructions for the new phone on my iPad and followed them on the cell phone. Learned a lot and consequently slept very well the next night.

Yesterday I decided we needed a cover for that phone because it is kind of slippery and when it drops it might break. So off I went back to Superstore in the afternoon. They did not have the proper kind (you need exactly the cover for your specific phone) and offered to order one for me, keep in mind that this model came out 3 years ago and since then several new models are offered. I declined the offer because I wanted one NOW ;-) I then went to London Drugs, same to The Source, no cover there either but they sent me to the Cell Store on Trunk Road where I finally was able to buy one. There is also a GPS in the phone which is what my husband was interested in. When I am at home I put it on our own Wifi so I don't use up my data which is not very much each month.

I parked the car at Superstore and did all that walking to the stores mentioned before. By the time I got to the Cell Store I was pooped but luckily they had some chairs to I could rest while they put the protective shield and the back on the phone.

So now I am a happy camper. Hopefully I will not have any problems with it.
Hope everyone is having a good day.

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