Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Smart Meter

Yesterday BC Hydro installed the new Smart Meter for our house. A lot of people are totally against the use of them but it will eventually come to every house. I am keeping close track of the numbers. Every night at 6 PM I will read it for awhile to find out how much we have used in the 24 hour period. Lots of people have told horror stories about how much their electric bill has gone up after installation of those meters. It is much easier to read than the old meters so that is a good thing. I have kept my bills for years so I have a really good basis for comparison. I am also taking pictures.

It is now 6 PM and I just read it. Looks like we consumed only 11 kw which is not very much but I did not do too much cooking.
Today the weather was not too bad at all. Some sunny breaks which was good for my new solar lights which arrived for my birthday.
At the beginning of March Sonja and Rachel came for a visit. We had a good time and I think they enjoyed their stay. Sonja and I had a new cell phone and were sending messages back and forth. It was nice to know what ferry they would be using.
Time to do an update on the computer which just arrived.
Good night everybody ☺

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