Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring is finally here

I know because since yesterday we have seen the swallows flitting about. We were sitting down for coffee break in the morning when we spotted them. We are looking forward to finding out if they finally occupy the second birdhouse.
When we were given 2 birdhouses by our friend one of them had a rats nest inside. We cleaned it out but so far no swallow has called it home. Last year Cliff doused it with bleach water, followed with clear water and now we will see if that helped.
Cliff has been busy in the garden. He bought a truckload of Alpaca manure and is distributing it over the garden wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow. That manure is different from others because it will not burn the plants even if it is fresh. We had it before and it was great.
Yesterday I finally finished our taxes. All I have to do now is to do the good copy. I have never used the computer for that. Years ago I tried it but I could not deduct my German pension for some reason so I gave it up. At that time the pension was not taxed. That has changed now so maybe I should try it again. We will be getting a rebate which I don’t like because it means that we are missing out on some interest. Not too bad though because interest is so very low now.
This afternoon we went shopping. Right now Staples has a 4 GB thumb drive on special for $3.95. I remember buying my first thumb drive. It had 1 GB and cost around $79.00.
We did lots of grocery shopping too so it was very tiring. I am looking forward to my bed tonight.
Good night everybody ☺


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