Saturday, February 16, 2013

A good week with minor glitches

Last Monday our daughter arrived with her new fiancé. They visited until Thursday. On Wednesday evening all of us went to the CVRD in Duncan where my husband was presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal 2012. There were lots of people to witness the event.
It was the 13th and even though the 13th is usually a good day for us, this one was not too good until we got to the CVRD. Of course it got better then Smile
I had planned on a very nice lunch, which is our big meal of the day. All went well until I made the mistake of setting my iPod timer to 1.30 hours instead of only 30 minutes. Because we were talking and having fun I did not realize how fast the time went until I smelled something not kosher! The chicken turned into chicken jerky Sad smile. So I made potato pancakes instead of mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken jerky (!) some veggies and a big salad. All of us survived. Later on we had more company and I scrambled to makes something to eat before we all went to the CVRD. It turned out to be a collection of leftovers. We were late going, which is highly unusual for us, and we hit every traffic light on red. We made it just in time.
After we all got home we had a nice little meeting and it was not long before everybody was in bed.
The next morning the kids left pretty early to catch the ferry back to the mainland and then on to Kelowna but we had time for a nice visit before they went. All told it was a good week.

No cooking

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