Monday, February 4, 2013

Time flies!

I can hardly believe how long it was since my last post. I have been busy but are hard-pressed to remember what I did.
One day I made a day of shopping which I have to talk myself into. Normally I am in and out of shops but I needed dress pants so I made a concerted effort. I ended up with 3 pair, 1 pair dress pants and 2 pairs of jeans and even a new blouse which I really like. Clothes shopping is like pulling teeth for me but leave me in Future shop or Canadian Tire and I am perfectly contend to stay for a long time. 
We had a few really nice days, sunny and relatively warm but it looks like that is about to change. I sure hope it holds out for tomorrow since sil and I are going to shop at Costco. That is another store I don’t mind shopping at. I have a card for it but I only get there maybe 4 times a year. I would go more often but I sure don’t like the Malahat drive, it scares me. Since my husband retired ( about 25 years ago) we usually do our shopping together so I don’t drive and now I am a little scared. I do shop by myself but only around the area.
Not much of a Blog, but I am too tired and it’s hard to think then.
Good night everybody


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